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Digital Signature Certificate for CERSAI

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for CERSAI

What is CERSAI ?
CERSAI has been established as a company under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 by the Government of India. CERSAI was formed to identify and check fraudulent activity in lending transactions against equitable mortgages. In other words, the CRESAI was established to discourage and prevent the practice of taking out various loans from several banks using the same asset or property. Any bank, financial institution or an individual can access the registration platform of CERSAI for a certain fee. By registering themselves with CERSAI, the lenders can pull up the information on an asset or property to validate that whether any previous security interest has been created by a different lender ((banks, financial institutions etc.) in the past.

Why Digital Signature is required for CERSAI ?
Any bank, financial institution or an individual can access CERSAI portal to check the details of a asset or property only after registration on . For registration with CERSAI, Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory along with other required details.

Which type of DSC is required for CERSAI ?
As per CERSAI Website Class 2 or Class 3 Digital Signature is required for completing registration process. Class 2 DSC Issuance is discontinued from Jan 2021, So now users need to buy Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. We provide Digital Signature Certificate for CERSAI Registration at best prices.

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